From Socialcam to TikTok: How we figured out video social in a decade

Snap’s vision to have the camera be the focal point of our social lives is in the process of being realized, except it’s shared by Instagram and TikTok

Reflecting on my newsletter experiment (stats included)

This is an excerpt from my newsletter titled A newsletter about the newsletter (Ricky Weekly #17). If you want more of my newsletters, I recommend Ideas matter, but clear-seeing matters more (Ricky Weekly #4), "Strong opinions, weakly held" (Ricky Weekly #12), and Dabblin' (Ricky Weekly #20). Or just subscribe. Thing on my mind: A few … Continue reading Reflecting on my newsletter experiment (stats included)

How technology is making us feel so out of sorts these days

I remember the sense of wonder when I first signed up for Facebook and Twitter. Facebook helped me feel more connected to my friends, especially as I was graduating high school and going away to college. Twitter helped me find like-minded people who were also obsessed about technology and encouraged me to pursue my career. … Continue reading How technology is making us feel so out of sorts these days

My teenage nephews’ digital habits

One of my favorite activities as a startup founder is talking to customers or potential customers to understand how I can create something to make their lives easier. Now that I’m not working on anything specific, I’d still like to have some of these conversations and force myself to think about them. I was home … Continue reading My teenage nephews’ digital habits

How Facebook saved the news industry

Mark Zuckerberg’s news feed in 2006 (source: Slate) Last Friday, Facebook’s Head of News Feed Adam Mosseri announced that Facebook will begin prioritizing content created by friends and family over content from the media, brands and other Pages since space in the News Feed is limited. This is a good long-term move for Facebook and I … Continue reading How Facebook saved the news industry