From Socialcam to TikTok: How we figured out video social in a decade

Snap’s vision to have the camera be the focal point of our social lives is in the process of being realized, except it’s shared by Instagram and TikTok

The arc of social

The era of social media feels like it's coming to an end, but it shouldn't because I'm not done with it yet. This essay is my attempt to break down that feeling and articulate what I think is missing.

“I got next!” — a personal #RequestForStartups

A snapshot of what I’m interested in working on next This post will be continuously updated. Last updated June 19, 2019 “I GOT NEXT!” is what you say when you walk up to a pick-up basketball game that’s in session to declare that you’re next-up. You gotta do it loudly so people know. I’m at the … Continue reading “I got next!” — a personal #RequestForStartups

How technology is making us feel so out of sorts these days

I remember the sense of wonder when I first signed up for Facebook and Twitter. Facebook helped me feel more connected to my friends, especially as I was graduating high school and going away to college. Twitter helped me find like-minded people who were also obsessed about technology and encouraged me to pursue my career. … Continue reading How technology is making us feel so out of sorts these days